Wight Mermaids Gin miniatur - 50ml

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Wight Mermaids Gin uses a carefully selected infusion of botanicals including juniper berries and rock samphire that are hand-picked from the Islandâ™s chalk cliffs and Boadicea hops which are grown in the famous Ventnor Botanic Garden. Also English coriander seeds, elderflower, fresh lemon zest, angelica root, liquorish root, orris root and grains of paradise.

Before the distilling process commences the botanicals are steeped together for a minimum of 24 hours to enable all the essential oils in the botanicals to be released.
Following steeping the spirit is then distilled before being rested for seven days to allow the flavours and aromas to mellow and marry together.

Wight Mermaids Gin is a rather refreshingly smooth, slightly peppery Gin with flavoursome hints of citrus fruits.