Tqilakaze The Ultimate Tequila Shot-In-A-Box Gift - 50ml

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Tqilakaze, the ultimate party shot. This is an ultra-premium set, composed of the highest quality components.

This is a shot with a twist! 

You can experience this Epic shot 4 different ways! The box contains enough 100% Premium Agave Tequila for 2 (25ml shots or slammers, either Regular, Player or Ironman) or 1 (50ml shot) if you do the Top.

Content of box

1 Bottle (50ml) Premium Tqilakaze Blanco 100% Agave Tequila 38%. 1 Shot glass with Tqilakaze logo. 1 Headband with Tqilakaze logo. 1 Salt sachet (1g). 2 Saline tubes. 1 Tqilakaze coaster. 1 Fake 500 € banknote. Lime NOT included!

  • Perfect at parties
  • Perfect at a stag or hen do
  • Perfect for yourself
  • Perfect as a gift

If you buy it as a gift for someone you can never be sure which version they will take, but you can be sure they will love the gift! If they are not into snorting salt, dripping lime in their eyes or headbutting tables, don't worry, they just take two Regular Tqilakaze shots and enjoy the 100% Agave Tequila. Gifting is all about giving something useful and unexpected and Tqilakaze ticks all the boxes!

Instructions are in the box for humour only, please do not follow them. Drink Responsibly.


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