The Bitter Truth Bar Pack miniatur Gift Tin - 5 x 20ml

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The Bitter Truth cocktail bitters Bar Pack is designed so that it can be carried in hand luggage and therefore is the ideal companion for all jetsetters who simply won`t settle for anything less than a perfect drink during their flight!

This lovely designed tin contains 5 different aromatic bitters and is the perfect addition to your home bar.

TONIC BITTERS: These Bitters create an authentic Gin and Tonic experience. The perfect blend of citrus fruit and spices include grapefruit, Sicilian lemon, lime, Seville oranges, juniper, coriander seeds and mace creates a grassy-fresh Japanese green tea bouquet. Theyâ™re perfect for cocktails and long drinks based on clear spirits.

PEACH BITTERS: The delightful fruity aromas of fresh peaches and almonds will enhance any cocktail or long drink. The distinctive aroma of fresh peaches works well with notes of almonds. These are complemented by fresh citrus flavours and unobtrusive spice notes and are ideal for all kinds of highballs and cocktails no matter which spirit the drink is based on.

OLIVE BITTERS: With their delicate green olive flavours, soft hints of salt and just a touch of mustard, sage and thyme you can add Mediterranean aromas to any of your drinks. The perfect match for all white spirits and fortified wines.

CUCUMBER BITTERS: Why not try new ways of mixing your favoured spirit by adding unadulterated flavours of green cucumber to your drink. Accompanied by a slight bitterness and lush herbal notes of rosemary, thyme and lingering floral notes of summer blossoms. Light & inviting, these bitters will lift your spirits to new heights like sunshine in spring.

CHOCOLATE BITTERS: A rich bitter with cocoa butter and dark chocolate to entice the nose, hints of vanilla, cinnamon and bitter tones of wormwood work the palate. They work exceptionally well with sweet vermouths and all kinds of aged spirits.