Takara Towari Honkaku Soba Buckwheat Shochu 500ml

Produktcode: Takara Towari Honkaku Soba Buckwheat Shochu 500ml


Expert shochu craftsmanship. A rare, luxurious spirit. 

Usually in buckwheat shochu, rice koji is used with the buckwheat because buckwheat seeds, with their hard exterior, are difficult to ferment. However, no challenge is too much for Takari. This shochu is made with 100% buckwheat ingredients, allowing you to enjoy the pure, sweet flavour of buckwheat. The single distillation maintains the uniquely aromatic quality of this spirit. 

  • Type: Buckwheat-based Shochu
  • Flavour: Light and floral, with a hint of mint
  • Fragrance: Fresh with a whiff of smoke
  • Drinking Temperature: Best enjoyed chilled
  • Food Pairing: Just like soba noodles, this soba spirit is perfect with fried fish and meats.