Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey miniatur - 50ml

Produktcode: NWW00137-SINGLE


Koval Single Barrel Bourbon is aged in brand new American oak casks from Minnesota.

After being distilled the new liquid is stored away in a charred new American oak barrel to age. Millet and corn grains perform the perfect marriage with neither taking the lead.

Once poured this marriage opens up with hints of mango chutney from the rye, while the millet offers up a soft whisper of vanilla throughout which is closely followed by a nuance of apricot custard.

The finish is a slight peppery caramel one with a touch of cloves and a merest hint of tobacco which lingers on the tongue.

Rye Grain is sourced from a local organic farm collective in the American Midwest and are used with only the âœheartâ� of the distillate being sent off to be aged in casks for a minimum period of time before being bottled.