Drambuie 15 yr Whisky Liqueur miniatur - 50ml

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Drambuie 15 is a whisky connoisseurâ™s expression of the standard Drambuie Liqueur which is drawn from the companyâ™s top selection of 15 year old Speyside Malt Whiskies.

With the nose of a typical Drambuieâ™s aromatic citrus fruit, spices, fragrant grass and butterscotch notes, Drambuie 15 has a velvet soft mouthfeel with a tangy hint of Thai lemongrass and gentle warming malty notes, berries and heather.

The finish has freshly baked shortbread, fresh herbs and the unmistakable long finish of the Drambuie Whisky liqueur.

Perfect for sipping slowly or neat over ice.