Cockburn's 2009 LBV Port miniatur - 50ml

Produktcode: PMS00056-SINGLE


Cockburn's 2009 LBV (Late Bottle Vintage Port) is made from grapes from the single vintage year 2009. The resulting liquid has been aged in wooden oak casks for up to 6 years before being bottled, once bottled the port is ready to drink and requires no decanting.

Cockburn's LBV is a rather intense wine with heaps of character, it is quite youthful and impulsive in style, with a deep red colour and aromas of damsons, mulberries, summer fruits and dark chocolate.

Cockburn's LBV works well with most blue cheese. It also works well with roasted nuts, dark chocolate dishes, a good paté or jambon.

Serve at cool room temperature or if preferred very lightly chilled.