British Polo Gin miniatur - 50ml

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A Gin and Tonic has been the British polo playersâ™ choice of refreshment since the first recorded polo match involving British Officers in India back in 1859.
This quadruple distilled British Polo Gin, only uses the very best organic botanicals to create the most flavoursome and smoothest of gins. Hand crafted by artisans in a small batch still over a wood fire with Ceredigionâ™s purest spring water, this gin is as pure as it can be.
Encompassing so many different botanicals from Elderflower to Vanilla to Cinnamon and Cardamom, No.3, is the ultimate British gin.
Enjoy on the rocks or as part of a Gin and Tonic garnished with fresh basil leaves and thickly diced strawberries.
For the more adventurous Gin connoisseur why not deploy as a Chukka Cocktail™, the ultimate post-match refresher.