Jagermeister Digestive / Aperitif miniatur - 40ml

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Jagermeister's rather unique character can be linked to some 56 different natural herbs and botanicals that are used in its creation. Among the herbs are ginger root, star anise, cardamom and orange peel. These are carefully selected from around the world.

Bales full of exotic herbs, spices, fruits, bark, tree blossoms, plant seeds and roots arrive at the distillery in Wolfenbuttel Germany. To this very day Jagermeister is still crafted using the same ingredients and formula that was originally created by Curt Mast.

The most noticeable herbs in this secret recipe are orange peel, star anise, ginger root and cardamom.
The essential oils from the 56 different botanicals are gently extracted through a cold maceration process, following this process the essential oils are quality checked before being transferred into wooden oak barrels for about one year. Whilst the newly distilled liquid is fermenting in the oak barrels this is checked on a regular basis until it is judged to be perfect.

After a year in oak barrels, the liquid is then filtered again to until such time that what is left is a clear liquid. The final step of production involves the mixture being blended with water and pure alcohol and then carefully balanced with liquid sugar and caramel before being filtered a final time.

The resulting spirit has a smooth, rich flavour with a distinctive bitter sweet after taste. Jagermeister is also used as a digestive which typically is consumed after a meal but is also popular in bars and nightclubs.

Jagermeister has become world famous as a mixer, especially with Red Bull to created the Jager-bomb.

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