Jack Daniels Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey miniatur - 50ml

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The distilation of Jack Danielâ™s Tennessee Whiskey begins with the careful selection of the finest rye, corn and barley malt. This choice of grains are mixed with the local water from the cave springs to form a fermentable mixture called âœthe mash.â� Jack Danielâ™s Whiskey is made by using the old âœsour mash process.â�

The freshly distilled whiskey is then trickled very slowly through approximately 10 feet of hard maple charcoal, right after distillation. It is this extra step in the whiskey-making process that makes Jack Danielâ™s so much more than a bourbon and provides the whiskey its special character which can only be found in a Tennessee Whiskey.

Following this unique charcoal-mellowing process, Jack Danielâ™s Tennessee Whiskey is placed into charred new white oak barrels for storage and aging with the typical aging of a cask is between four and six years.